One week in Da Nang, Vietnam: 7 days, 6 nights vacation  + self-guided tour: visa application, full attraction itinerary plans, accommodation recommendation, local traffic

Location description: Da Nang, Vietnam

Many Hong Kong people like to travel to Southeast Asia. They can visit the ancient city, visit temples and go to nearby islands to snorkel. Da Nang is a beautiful harbour city in central Vietnam. It is the third largest city in Vietnam after Ho Chi Minh City in Hanoi.  It is famous for its beaches and French colonial ports. It is also recommended by National Geographic magazine as one of the 50 places that must be visited.  This is a popular place for exploring the BàNà Mountains in the western outback of the city. The Hải Vân Pass offers views of the Da Nang Bay and the Marble Mountains. The top of the five limestone outcrops includes pagodas and caves that hide Buddhist holy places. In Da Nang, not only can you enjoy the charming natural scenery of Da Nang, but also walk on the streets of Da Nang to experience the long-lost tranquillity. For those living in big cities, Da Nang is definitely a good place to go on holiday.

Best travel month: February – May

Due to the relatively low latitude of Da Nang, Vietnam, the temperature is relatively high throughout the year (in simple terms, it is a typical tropical region). So no matter when you choose to go, you would need to bring umbrellas, sunscreen, sun hats and other travel essentials. As for the best month to visit Da Nang, it would be the spring of Da Nang, from February to May; the end of May to August is the summer of Da Nang. Like other Southeast Asian places such as Thailand, the weather is hot and dry, and the sun is intense. It is rainy-season from September to January, there is a lot of rain, and the weather is damp. It is not necessarily convenient to go there around that time.

Vietnamese visa

At the 20th ASEAN Tourism Forum which was held earlier, the representative of the Vietnam Tourism Administration publicly stated that it has opened visa-free for 20 countries and opened 40 e-visa in other countries, but when will it be officially opened and which countries/regions will be included remains to be announced.

Up to now, Hong Kong passports are also visa-free to travel to many different places although before you travel to Vietnam, you still have to apply for a visa yourself. Otherwise, the Vietnamese authorities may refuse entry, and your journey will be ruined~As for how to apply for a Vietnamese visa, you can refer to the article on , which introduces three possible methods, and you can also go to UTravel to see articles about the comparison of the three major visa methods.

Recommended accommodation in Da Nang: Vinpearl Resort & Spa Da Nang

After Da Nang became an emerging holiday destination, more and more international resorts and hotels are opened up in Da Nang.  Xiao Bian’s suggestion for the resort is, of course, a seaside hotel with a view of the bay!! Located on the Non Nuoc Beach in the coastal city of Da Nang in central Vietnam, Vinpearl Resort & Spa Da Nang features 122 neoclassical-style villas with a private pool and expansive sea views over the East Sea.Book through Hey Travelista page, and you can enjoy at least a full day of free hotel meals, four servings of daily breakfast, a 60-minute foot massage or a 30-minute full body massage, $35 USD resort spending,  roundtrip airport transfer for 4 people, and a resort experience for four people visiting Vinpearl Land and Vinpearl Safari.

Da Nang Traffic

Da Nang is not large in size, so you can go hiking or cycling. However, because the traffic in Vietnam is complicated and chaotic, and the drivers here do not have very good English, it is safer to go out and take a Vietnamese taxi (booked first) or charter a taxi.

In the case of chartered cars, many people recommend HOI AN BUDGET CAR RENTAL , but this car app is only suitable for long-distance journeys (should be rejected for short trips). So if you are calling for a short trip, you can use Grab. Grab is basically Uber in Southeast Asia. You can download the app before departure. However, since Hong Kong is not in the service area, opening the app after downloading, only the white screen must be reached and the local phone card can be used!! As for other uses of Grab, I will not introduce it here, if you want to see more details you can find it on the official website .You can check out the comments of Hoi An Budget Car Rental at Tripadvisor.

7 days and 6 nights recommended itinerary:

**Recommended activities (only if you have enough time)

Day 1Arrive in Vietnam
Relax at the resort
Spa, swimming pool, beach, restaurant
Day 2
Hue Ancient City**
Relax at the resort
Explore Vietnam’s forbidden city
Day 3Cham islands**
Relax at the resort
Day 4Son Tra Mountain + Lady Buddha Temple
La Maison 1888
Marble Mountains
Visiting the tallest white Guanyin in Vietnam
A must-see Buddhist resort on the beach
Michelin, Samsung’s chef
Day 5Ba Na mountain**
Golden Bridge
Hoi An Ancient Town**
(Japenese Covered Bridge,
Lantern Street, Thu Bon River)
The peak park at an altitude of
1,500 meters above sea level,
holds the world’s longest
Guinness record single cable
car night our UNESCO World
Heritage site
Day 6Con Market
Han Market
Da Nang Cathedral**
Dragon Bridge**
My Khe Beach**
Eat eat and eat! Buy
The largest western
church in the world
One of the 6 most beautiful
beaches in the world
Day 7Big C supermarket**
Depart Vietnam
Buy souvenirs

Day 2 : Hue Ancient City** -> Relax at the resort

⇓2nd day route

Hue Ancient City**

When you go to Beijing, you would go to the Forbidden City.  So when you come to central Vietnam, visiting the Hue Ancient City is a must.

Hue is the ancient capital of Vietnam. It used to be the capital of the Sui Dynasty. It is the political, cultural and religious center of Vietnam, leaving many historical buildings, including the Hue Imperial City, Tianzhu Temple, and the Imperial Tomb. In 1993, it was listed as a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

It takes about two hours in a rental car directly from the hotel to Hue. There is no shortage of Chinese and Vietnamese countryside along the road.

The core building of Hue Ancient City is Hue Imperial City. It is also the largest existing building in Vietnam. Due to the ancestral relationship between the Sui Dynasty in Vietnam and the Qing Dynasty in China, the overall architectural pattern during the construction of Hue was to emulate the Imperial City of Beijing. The building starts from the noon gate to the Taihe Hall, the Qianqing Palace, the Jiaotai Hall, the Kunning Palace, and then to the Shenwumen. The city is also no different from the Forbidden City. There is a gold pool surrounding the Imperial City. Of course, the scale is much smaller compared to Beijing’s Forbidden City and the city wall is a lot shorter than the Beijing Forbidden City. To describe it, it can only be a pocket-sized Forbidden City.

The entrance gate

The middle door is the exclusive passage for the Emperor, so it is not difficult to understand why the door is locked; the doors on both sides are official passages, where visitors can enter the Imperial city.

Then you can see this which looks like an archway (it is made of copper!)

There are copper doors at both ends of the middle bridge

Then the Great Court

Behind the Da Chao Yuan is the Hall of Supreme Harmony

There are a lot of buildings in Hue City, such as temples courtyards, bureaucrats, etc.,there is not much to talk about here, although you can refer to some maps.

The places where many people go are: Xianrenmen (No. 26 in the map), Shimiao (No. 23 in the map), Kaicheng Hall (No. 10 in the map).

Day 3: Cham Islands** -> Relax at the resort

⇓3rd day route

Cham Islands**

When you come to Da Nang, you should of course go snorkelling! The closest place to go snorkelling in Da Nang is Cham Islands. It takes about 30 minutes on a speedboat to Cham Islands.  However, if you want to go to Cham Islands from the hotel, the traffic is really troublesome, so it is recommended to take a group tour on Klook ( $25 for the first registration ) or KKday . Anyways, the price is not too bad. .

There is a limit on the time you get to stay on the island, so it is necessary to leave before 3 o’clock. There is still a lot of time to return to the hotel after snorkelling and enjoy the resorts facilities.

Day 4: Son Tra Mountain + Lady Buddha Temple -> La Maison 1888-> Marble Mountains

⇓ 4th day route

Son Tra Mountain + Lady Buddha Temple

From the hotel, it takes about an hour by car to go to the Son Tra Mountain. The most famous attraction of the Island is the 67-meter Guanyin Bodhisattva statue in front of the temple (the highest Buddha statue in Asia!!), and the beautiful scenery, so it is also a famous landmark in Vietnam, so when you go, you will definitely see it anyway. There are tourists everywhere.

The Son Tra Mountain has the highest Guanyin in Asia.

There is also a viewing platform in front of Guanyin. From there, you can see the whole of Da Nang and the coastline. The scenery is really good (this is a real shot taken by others)

Lady buddha temple is built in the middle of the mountain, remember to take your shoes off before going inside.

La Maison 1888

After walking through the Son Tra mountain, of course, you would want to find a good place to eat good food. La Maison 1888 is the French restaurant of InterContinental Danang, Vietnam. It is owned by Michelin-starred chef Pierre Gagnaire. It is the only restaurant in Vietnam with a Michelin-starred chef. He has won Michelin 3 stars for 6 consecutive years and was ranked 4th in the world’s top ten restaurants by CNN in 2016! The restaurant reviews are extremely high! Of course, the price is also very expensive (especially compared with other Vietnamese restaurants).

The interior design of the restaurant is as elegant as the hotel.

Of course,it is very beautiful and couples must visit the restaurant!

This is the legendary Michelin star chef – Pierre Gagnaire

Since this French restaurant is very popular, be sure to make a reservation a good day before you go. You can book online and order your food. If you are sensitive or allergic to any food, you can indicate this when you book. **Note: The restaurant has a dress code and people under the age of 12 will not be accepted**

Marble Mountains

After having good food, you should go to another mountain. Marble Mountains is near the hotel. It is very convenient to go back to the resort and is only a 5-minute drive or a 25-minute walk to the Marble Mountains. The reason why Marble Mountains is called the Marble Mountains is that it consists of five limestone peaks with a height of ten meters and is matched with gold, wood, water, fire and earth, which are the five elements of China. In addition, because the mountain produced marble, the English name is Marble Mountain.

Marble Buddha statue on Marble Mountain

Gold, wood, water, fire, earth limestone ~

The Thuy Son in the northeast is the most beautiful, and it is a must-see for visitors who go to see the Five Elements Mountains. There are also three temples, the Tsz Shan Monastery and the Temple of Lady Buddha, and the statues of the Buddha and Luohan. However, the Thuy Son mountains lack barrier-free facilities and is not suitable for people with reduced mobility.

Thuy Son (Mountain of water)

To the east, there is Vong Hai Dai, facing China Beach, whilst on the west they built Vong Giang Dai, overlooking the Han River and other limestone peaks.

Visiting the Five Elements Mountains (Marble mountain) requires a ticket, the price is 15,000 VND, converted to about 0.7 US dollars, very cheap! ! There is a scenic elevator at the entrance to the east. The one-way elevator is only 15,000 VND.

Viewing elevator at the east entrance

Day 5: Ba Na Mountain ** -> Golden Bridge -> Hoi An Ancient Town ** (Japenese Covered Bridge, Lantern Street, Qiupan River)

⇓ 5th day route

Ba Na Mountain**

The 3D object of the earth at the door makes me feel like I went to Universal Studios~

The whole place is like a French castle, super beautiful!

The Ba Na Hills is definitely the focus of the entire seven-day trip ! ! The Ba Na Mountain is 40 kilometres west of the city of Da Nang and is built at 1,487 meters above sea level. Therefore, the average temperature on the mountain is about 8 degrees Celsius. During the French colonial period, the summer resort established by the French king was officially created by Sun World as ” Vietnamese Disney .”

There is an in the air amusement park here, and there are restaurants and hotels in the mountains! Very suitable for bringing children to play. For the locals, Ba Na Mountain is Disneyland. The current Ba Na Mountain is like paradise, the perfect place for tourists to take pictures and have fun.  Ba Na Mountain is divided into 2 areas on the top, castles, wine cellar, the world’s third largest indoor playground manoeuvre Fantasy Park, churches, Chinese temples….. Whether it’s friends, families or sweet couples, Bana Mountain is a great place to spend your holiday!

Here are a few highlights that Xiaobian recommended for everyone.

Highlight 1: The longest cross-mountain cable car in the world

Built by the French, the cross-mountain cable car connects the foot of the mountain to the mountainside and the top of the mountain and is more than 5 kilometers long which takes about 28 minutes.

Highlight 2: European French Castle Complex

Authentic French castle buildings, as well as opera houses, churches, castles, French buildings that are not Asian flavours!

Highlight 3: Mountainside train

I heard that this carriage is modelled after the body of the Swiss Jungfrau. To be honest, I think it is more like the Peak Tram in Hong Kong.

The yellow train is very cute, and both adults and children like it a lot. It seems that the small carriage can carry 80 people at a time and can carry 1,600 people up the mountain every hour. The small train connects the mountainside of Ba Na Mountain. After getting off, you can visit Le Jardin D’Amour Garden, Debay Wine Cellar and Temple of Lady Buddha with huge Buddha statues (three temples in Vietnam are called Temple of Lady Buddha).

Highlight 4: Debay Wine Cellar

Due to the terrain and climate of the Ba Na Mountain, which is very suitable for wine production, the French colonists built a wine cellar in the Bana Mountains, which contained a lot of wine barrels and wine. This wine cellar is now 100 years old. Friends who like red wine can’t miss it, and you can taste the good wine too.

Highlight 5: The world’s third largest indoor motorized playground Fantasy Park

The French novelist Jules Verne’s two novels, The Adventures of the Earth and the 20,000 Miles of the Sea, are dream paradise for building a dream park. Fantasy Park has a lot of shooting, 5D, 4D  games, there are many rides for both parents and children! Stimulating fun indoor games that protect you from the sun and the rain. There are haunted houses during Halloween!! There is also the world’s longest outdoor cable car and the Madame Tussauds in the mountains. These are very suitable for families and children to play.

Highlight 6: Le Jardin D’Amour Garden

The mountainside Le Jardin D’Amour Garden is the best place to take pictures on the Bana Mountains, and many newcomers will choose to take wedding photos here.

Highlight 7: Lady Buddha Temple

The Lady Buddha Temple in Banahan has a huge white stone Buddha statue 27 meters high and is one of the three major Lady Buddha Temple in Da Nang.

Railcar in the mountain town of Ba Na

Helpful tips:

  • Cable car times: 07:30am-9:00pm (the cable car for individual passengers is closed at 6:00pm , and the evening times are only for guests staying at the Marble Mountain hotel)
  • They allow you to bring your own food to go up the mountain, but there are many restaurants up there, and the price is not expensive.

Also attached is a map of Ba Na Mountain, you can see what facilities are on the mountain.

Tickets can be booked online in advance.

Golden Bridge

After visiting the Ba Na Mountain, how about getting a few more pictures at the Golden Bridge?  Near the Ba Na Mountain, the Golden Bridge is also located at an altitude of over 1,400 meters. The total length of the Golden Bridge is nearly 150 meters. It is a semi-air walk and offers a magnificent view of the nearby mountains. The most eye-catching place which was completed in June 2018, are two giant hands. The bridge was designed by the local construction company TA Landscape Architecture . Although the hands look like stone sculptures, it is actually made of stencil and fibreglass. The whole bridge took a year to complete.

Hoi An Ancient Town** (Japanese Covered Bridge, Lantern Street, Thu Bon River)

Hoi An is one of Vietnam’s most famous places listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In the 16th and 17th centuries, Hoi An was an international trading port, with traders from China, Japan, India and Europe trading here, so there is a mix of exotic cultures. There have been many wars which have not affected here, and still have intact ancient buildings.

Although the area of ​​Hoi An Ancient Town is not large, but because of the ban on locomotives and cars in the block, passengers can only travel to Hoi An on foot, by bicycle, rickshaw, boat, etc. Which would take at least 2 to 3 hours.

Japanese covered Bridge, also known as the Nihonbashi, is dedicated to the mysterious Gods on the wooden arch bridge of “Bridge Temple One”. Built 500 years ago by the Japanese, the piers are stacked with stones, and the bridge is a wooden bridge that is about 15 meters long. This bridge connects China and Japan to one side and leads to Japan. The other side leads to China. . At that time, the bridge was like the Chu River Han Dynasty, separating the Chinese and Japanese from both ends.

In Hoi An Lantern Street, lanterns can be seen everywhere, and locals sell a variety of handmade lanterns. During the nighttime, the Vietnamese lanterns light up even brighter, it is very romantic!

In the evening, there are many hawkers in the Thu Bon River that sell water lamps and rafts on the banks of the river. The price is not expensive and can be experienced for $1 USD.

Day 6: Con Market -> Han Market -> Da Nang Cathedral** -> Dragon Bridge ** -> My Khe Beach**

⇓6th day route

Con Market

Con Market is a very popular attraction. Con Market is opposite the Big C. It is a traditional market. It may not be a new thing for us Asians. It is a place to shop or eat super authentic food, but for Westerners, it should be very special! ! Honestly, this market is for me to be at a place where local people buy rice, oil and salt. It is one of the most popular markets for tourists. If you have time, you should take a look.

Although it doesn’t feel too hygienic, the food is really cheap and delicious!

Han market

A kilometer walk from Con Market to the Han Market, the Han market is facing the Han River at the main entrance, which is also a traditional market that is smaller. Usually everyone will recommend to go to the Han Market for currency exchange, because the exchange rate is not bad. There are many local products, gifts in the market, and even some attractions and street food around, as well as the Da Nang Visitor Center!

You can buy a Vietnamese woven bag for your own use or as a souvnier~

The visitor center is roughly divided into two parts, one part is the service desk, and the wall next to it is packed with a variety of itineraries, including 1-day tour, 2-day tour, water sports, cultural performances, Spa, restaurants and Bars. DM is free of charge, and there are also some Chinese maps of Da Nang and Hoi An, which are also free of charge.

Da Nang Cathedral**

The Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a monument left by the French colonial period and is the largest Western church in central Vietnam. Nowadays, it has become a church serving more than 4,000 Catholics in the local area. The candy-like pink building has almost become the symbol of Da Nang. It is inlaid with medieval-style stained glass, which is basically a must-see for tourists! !

The famous Da Nang Cathedral can definitely take photos to make you become instafamous~

At night, the dark blue sky reflects the church’s candy pink which makes it even more beautiful!

The interior of the church is yellow in colour, the atmosphere is solemn, and the inside of the Cathedral is only open to the public.

Dragon Bridge**

The Dragon Bridge can be regarded as one of the landmark of Da Nang. The Long Bridge of Luan is connected to the banks of the Han River and is very powerful. On Saturday and Sunday night, the Dragon would spray fire and water. The dragon is brightly lit with colourful lights, and the fire is sprayed alternately. It is absolutely spectacular and definitely worth seeing!

Colourful lights



My Khe Beach**

The most essential holiday must have the sun and the beach. My Khe Beach is just across the bridge from Da Nang and you can walk slowly after shopping in the city centre. The sands of My Khe Beach are soft and white, with clear water and beautiful scenery. It is one of the six most beautiful beaches in the world selected by Forbes Magazine .During the night, the bars and restaurants on the roadside are open, and there will be band singers standing there!

There are a lot of people on the beach, although it definitely does not feel like going to the public pool on weekends! !

You can go on jet skis, parachutes, rafts on the beach, children would not become bored and adults can relax~

If you come here, you can take a walk on the beach, enjoy the sea view, or rent a sun lounger to sunbathe and tan. If you don’t come to My Khe Beach, don’t tell others that you have come to Da Nang for a holiday!

It is truly one of the six most beautiful beaches in the world! !

Just by looking at the photos, I really thought I went to the Maldives!

Coming to the beautiful Meixi Beach, you won’t believe your eyes!

If you are tired, you can go to a nearby seafood restaurant and have dinner. It is very fresh and affordable.

Day 7: Big C Supermarket** -> Depart Da Nang

⇓7th day route

Big C Supermarket**

Apart from going to the other markets, you should go to the Big C supermarket! The size of the Big C in Da Nang is like an ordinary supermarket, but the souvenirs that you want to buy can also be found here, and the price is cheaper than in other supermarkets. There is a whole row of taxis at the Big C door, and you can arrive at the airport in about 10 minutes. You can buy souvenirs and go directly to the airport. Without being afraid to miss your flight, and you wouldn’t have to wait at the airport for a whole day.

There is a giant advertising at the entrance of the supermarket that reads Big C, so there is not need to be afraid of not being able to find it~

The inside is very big, so you can take your time to walk around~

It is actually an ordinary local supermarket, so they must sell authentic things. As for what must be bought, I will say that it depends on what you want! If you want to buy special products from Da Nang, cup noodles, snacks, you can just buy them at Big C. Anyway, they must be from Da Nang, and I don’t think you can find them elsewhere.

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