Self-Care Holidays to Help You Recharge

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We’ve been hearing the term self-care a lot recently, especially this time of year when people worldwide are busy making New Year’s Resolutions to better themselves. Everyone these days is super-busy, tied to technology, striving to meet work deadlines, family commitments… finding balance in life is really hard sometimes! If you’re one of the billions out there struggling to find time to simply relax and unwind… it’s time to schedule some self-care time! One of the biggest reasons to go on a holiday is to relax, and how better to relax than in a luxurious hotel room, with an amazing view, yummy food (go ahead, order dessert!), and some once-in-a-lifetime experiences that will help you recharge your body and mind and get back to feeling like YOU again!

Pan Pacific Hanoi

We offer inclusive packages at five star and unique properties located all around the world that typically range from 2-4 days. You’ll find that the longer you say (4 nights vs 2), the better the inclusions are– but hey, even 2 nights stay away in luxury will be AMAZING for your mind, body, and soul.

For example, our Pan Pacific Hanoi 2-night stay package includes a Foot Massage for Two. But if you upgrade to the 4-night stay package, you get a Foot Massage for Two PLUS a Full Body Massage for Two! All starting at USD$336 per 2 nights! As you can see, our Travelista’s really get an amazing vacation at amazing savings!

Our offers last from two to four weeks, so there is always something new to choose from- be sure to buy early and save, you can book our awesome packages up to 12 months in advance. Becoming a Travelista (member) is easy! Simply sign up to Hey Travelista with your email address and let our travel experts source the getaways you desire. Happy Travels!

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