First Timer’s Guide to Bali : Everything You Need to Know

Bali is everyone’s travel bucket list. Bali offers a stunning atmosphere with peaceful white sandy beaches, tropical landscapes and historical attractions. First timers in Bali might face some obstacles when planning a trip to Bali. Here is the list of everything you need to know before you arrive in Bali!

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When to travel to Bali

Bali has a tropical, warm and humid climate year around with two main seasons: Dry season (April to September) and wet season (October to March). High season is during the months of July, August, Easter holidays, Christmas and New Year. 

However, it can get extremely overcrowded during the high season (July/August) and overall accommodation prices will go up during this time. The best time to visit Bali is just before and after the high season – April, May, June and September. The weather is still gorgeous, and accommodation prices are much more affordable. 

Transportation in Bali 

Bali’s traffic jams can be intolerable at times. Motorbikes and scooters are the best forms of transportation for those who want to move around quickly. There are two options: first, to rent a scooter at rental costs around 50,000 IDR; second, to use transportation apps (Go-Jek, Grab, etc.) to hire a scooter ride.

Taxis can also be hailed, or hired via apps. If your area does not support transportation apps, go for the metered taxis (Bluebird) or local taxi drivers. However, be aware of the prices, as a lot of drivers will try to charge an overpriced fixed fee. 

Top places to stay in Bali 


The most popular beach area with surfing spots, bars and beach clubs


Sunset beach bars, shopping hotspots and luxury travel


Cliff top luxury resorts beaches and beach clubs

Nusa Dua

All-inclusive resorts and water sports


Nature, retreat getaway and iconic rice fields

What to do in Bali 

With its perfect beach, greenery landscape and a lot of iconic attractions, Bali provides so many things to do for your perfect holiday.

Here are the 10 things you must do in Bali 

The Dos and The Don’ts

The Dos: 

  • Wear a Sarong and Sash in temples
  • Leave your footwear when entering a home or temples
  • Use local social titles : “Pak” for men and “Ibu” for women
  • Wear your helmet when you hire a scooter ride

The Don’ts:

  • The head is considered a sacred part of the body. Do not touch the head of a Balinese person – even children.
  • Don’t drink tap water and be aware of which bottled water you buy. 
  • Don’t use your left hand to give something to another person. Balinese people believe that the left hand is dirty. 
  • Don’t walk in front of someone who is praying 

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