A Travelista week in Hua Hin

Location: Hau Hin

Hua Hin, located 199 km south-southwest of Bangkok, is one of the all-time most popular vacation spots in Asia. Unlike Bangkok or Pattaya, it is more laid-back. With connection to the beaches, historical sites, golf courses, shopping malls, it is just an ideal location for couples, family, and travelers who longed for an urban escape.

Hotel: The AVANI Hua Hin Resort and Villas

Notable as a Resort city in Thailand,  there are loads of accommodation choices. The simplest way is to choose one of the newest. The AVANI Hua Hin Resort and Villas was rebranded in February 2018, and is probably the most contemporary in Hua Hin.

Suggested Day Plan ( 7 days):

**Highlighted events from editor’s choice

DayRoute PlanTo do
Day 1-4Arrival
.Relaxation in Resort
Free shuttle to hotelpool, spa, drinks… you name it
Day 5
.Venezia Hua Hin**a day in a 300+ shops & restaurants mall

Day 6
.Hutsadin Elephant Foundation
.Hua Hin Artist Village
.Hua Hin Night Market
.visit elephants
.make your own art piece as a souvenir
.try extra fresh seafood in a local market

Day 7
.Vana Nava Water Jungle Hua Hin**
.Cicada Market
.The Tamarind Night Market**
.Family day in a water park
.Handcraft market
.Taste the authentic thai street food
Day 8.Hua Hin Market Village
Back to home
Last minute shopping

Day 1 -4: Relaxation in Resort

The resort provides a free shuttle from the Hua Hin Airport, the package we booked includes  a bottle of house wine upon check-in.  Great start with an elegant entrance.

Best things about AVANI Hau Hin Resort is to allow you to relax in the glorious tropical hues of Thailand with a or access great recreational facilities such as lagoon pool, gym room, sauna, and spa treatments.

Book here to get free dinners and spa with major savings.

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⇓AVANI+ Hua Hin Resort view

AVANI Hua Hin Resort and Villas

⇓Direct access to plunge pool via the giant glass door in the room

enjoy free house wine by plunge pool in hotel room

⇓The private plunge pool is connected to the lagoon pool.

plunge pool connected directly to lagoon pool
enjoy the summer vibe of thailand in resort

⇓Stunning view from the restaurant.

restaurant in AVANI hua hin resort and villas

⇓ Kids Club

kids club in AVANI hua hin resort and villas

Day 5: Venezia shopping village

⇓ Day 5 Route Plan

direction to Venezia Hua Hin

Venezia shopping village*

With occasional shuttle service to Hua Hin city, the nearby Venezia shopping village in just a few minutes. Instead of a boring ordinary shopping plaza, Venezia shopping village is the perfect world for photogenics and shopaholics.

Not only the Italian church-like buildings, Mediterranean constructions and the San Marco’s bell tower, The Venezia even has a 200 meter long Grand Canal. The canal ride ended in front of a sheltered Villa Market and a mini zoo, you can also try out the most unexpected shopping experience, shop around the hundreds of shops in a horse and cart.

⇓ Shopping in a horse and cart

horse and cart shopping experience in Venezia hua hin

⇓ Canal cruise in the Venezia

Canal cruise in Venezia hua hin
Venezia hua hin

With 73,600 sq.m. and 316 shops including restaurants, the immense park is divided into 4 themed areas, mini zoo, 3D museums, the garden, and San Marco Plaza. Each of the attractions subjected to individual charges, but there are packages for sparing your money while trying out all the activities. And what’s the best? You don’t have to struggle walking in crowds all the time! Since most shops open after 10am, it would be perfect to first enjoy a chilling morning before going. After all, the park definitely worths a day for visiting.

venezia hua hin map

Day 6:  Hutsadin Elephant Foundation -> Hua Hin Artist Village -> Hua Hin Night Market

⇓ Day 6 Route Plan

direction to hutsadin elephant foundation, hua hin artist village, and hua hin night market

Hutsadin Elephant Foundation

Elephant visit is one of my bucket list items. Just 5 minutes ride from town, the Hutsadin Elephant Foundation cares for old or abandoned elephants by raising donations from tourism.  The Foundation currently has 6 elephants including 1 baby, 4 females varying in age between their mid 20’s and mid-50’s, and one male in his mid-60s. My tour included a 10-minutes elephant show, in which the elephants played harmonica, put a basketball through a basket, kicked a football, and did funky dances.

elephant visit in hua hin

Hua Hin Artist Village

About 10 minutes walk from the elephant village, is the  Hua Hin Artist Village (Baan Sillapin Artists Village). There were large galleries of arts and antiques, and artist studios, and is home to artists from various fields of art from all over the region of the country the Golden Pagoda.

artisit village in hua hin
baan sillapin (hua hin artist village) entrance

In Hua Hin Artist Village,  there are courses teaching how to paint and sculpt. If you are interested in making your exclusive souvenirs, you definitely don’t want to miss it out.

artist workshop

Hua Hin Night Market

Thai night market is somewhere you have to go when you are traveling in Thailand. Just 8 minutes away from the artist village by car, between the Petchkasem Road and the railway line in Hua Hin center, is the Hua Hin Night Market. Every day starting from 18:30, traders set their stalls alongside the street selling apparel, crafts, art, CDs, DVDs, and food. Everything from the market is super affordable and local. Due to geological advantages, seafood in the market come at a low price, while fresh in taste. For recommendations, Khaimuk, Rod Yai and Ko Seafood are top picks among tourists. If you are not into seafood or Thai dishes, or you simply want to try different dishes,  steaks and western-style BBQ dishes are also not hard to find.

fresh seafood in hua hin night market
hua hin night market

⇓ Floods of people in Hua Hin Night Market

⇓ Fresh seafood everywhere

extra fresh Thai style seafood

Day7: Vana Nava Water Jungle Hua Hin -> Cicada Market -> The Tamarind Night Market

⇓ Day 7 Route Plan

direction to vana nava water jungle hua hin, cicada market, and the tamarind night market

Vana Nava Water Jungle Hua Hin*

Vana Nava Water Jungle Hua Hin is an ideal place for a family trip. Not only do they offer family promotions, every month there is an event at the Coconut beach and Cave. This February, there was a party at the Vana Nava Cave. There was a nice fire performance show at the Coconut Beach and later that evening, a dynamic DJ joined the party with great music at the Vana Nava Cave Café.

⇓ Vana Nava Water Jungle

vana nava water jungle hua hin

⇓For all ages!

water jungle hua hin
water jungle hua hin map and facilities

Cicada Market

In 6 minutes car ride from the water jungle, we reached the Cicada Market. The Cicada Market opens every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from 4pm to around 10pm. This market is mainly stalls selling handmade crafts, which are well worth buying as souvenirs or personal collections, and of course, there are also foods. After purchasing the cash coupons, you can get delicious dishes, mostly in Thai style.  

⇓Entrance of Cicada Market

cicada market entrance

⇓Customized T-shirt design

customised T-shirt stall in cicada market

⇓Craft stalls in Cicada Market

craft stalls in cicada market

The Tamarind Night Market*

Tamarind Night Market is almost connected together with Cicada Market, and is famous for street foods, such as Thai style salted fish, the sizzling skewers, the fried Thai fried rice, the appetizing Thai papaya salad, and the thirst-quenching coconut juice, citronella tea and Thai-style tea drink, coconut ice cream, sweet mango glutinous rice… really many, too much to be recorded. Both Cicada and Tamarind are very popular and crowded markets but with totally different environments, so be prepared to wait for space at a table. In Tamarind Night Market there are bands playing live, pleasant atmosphere and Great choices on a wide variety of both local and international foods. Probably about 50 individual food booths and great seating to enjoy the area. The prices are even cheaper than that in cicadas, but the outlook of the market is less pleasant than of Cicada.

⇓Crowds in Tamarind Night Market.

the tamarind market
food court in tamarind market

Day 8: Hua Hin Market Village

⇓ Day 8 Route Plan

direction to hua hin market village and hua hin airport

The Hua Hin Market Village

What about a last-minute shopping before home? Just 15 minute away from the Hua Hin Airport by car, Market Village is It has an air-conditioned plaza and a covered outdoor zone. There are three levels of brand names and independent labels shops, restaurants, a food court, entertainment outlets, and a multi-screen Major Cineplex! Scaling from clothing, fashion accessories, sportswear, shoes, books, electronic gadgets, to even home accessories. No hesitations, if you forgot to buy anything in the first few days, or just don’t want to spend your whole day in the airport waiting for the flight,  just pay a visit!

⇓Crazy crowds inside out

hua hin market village

⇓What about a movie before departure?

major cineplex in hua hin market village

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