Location : Bangkok, Thailand

People who have travelled to Thailand believe that they will not be unfamiliar to Bangkok. There are bustling crowds, authentic night markets with good prices,  grocery stores and small shops, seafood restaurants, and Bangkok. After going round Bangkok, if you have time, you can also go to Hua Hin which is a 3 hour drive from Bangkok. (For those who are interested, you can refer to the Hua Hin vacation packages and Hua Hin Resort Avani Introduction )

Best months to travel

The summer and rainy seasons in Thailand (March to October) are the low season for sightseeing in Thailand because of the hot and humid climate. The cool season (November to February of the next year) is the most popular season for tourists from all over the world due to the pleasant climate. In the annual Songkran Festival in Thailand in April, it attracts many tourists to Thailand to experience the local Songkran Festival


Bangkok’s urban rail transit includes BTS (Air Railway), MRT (Metro) and Airport Express. Knowing about the basic route and several major stations, you can travel freely in downtown Bangkok. Of course, if you want to go to a more remote place, the chartered car is the most simple and direct, and the price is not too expensive (sharing with two people).

The dark green and light green are BTS and the blue is MRT. As for the horizontal purple line, it is part of the airport express line. Generally, you can use the BTS light green Sukhumvit line in the city of Bangkok. BTS can directly reach famous shopping centers or landmarks, such as Terminal 21, central world, Big C Supermarket, and even four sides. Buddha, Chatuchak Market. Another opportunity to take the MRT blue line.

As for the ticket purchases, the one-way ticket can be purchased at the ticket machine. If you have a multi-way trip, you can buy a BTS one-day ticket or a rabbit card. But the one-day ticket and the bunny card can only be bought at the service desk~ (Tip: The machine only collects the change, it does not accept the banknotes)

Accommodation recommendation

Bangkok is a famous tourist hotspot. Of course, there are many choices for accommodation. If you want to live in the city center, where it is convenient to go anywhere, but you want to live comfortably. Xiaobian chose the 137 pillars residences bangkok . Bangkok 137 Pillars has an incredible view. The infinity pool is located on the 27th floor and you can sunbathe on the poolside loungers. You can also overlook the city and watch the sunset from the pool. The hotel also has 5-star facilities such as a 24-hour fitness room and a spa. After a swim, head to Nitra on the 28th floor to enjoy the spa.

Swim in this infinity pool
The room comes with a kitchen, cutlery, washer-dryer and more.

The hotel is located in the shopping district Phrom Phong, near the Emporium, EmQuartier and other department stores, although the hotel is a 12 minute walk from the BTS station, there is a shuttle bus to the EmQuartier Shopping Center / BTS station every hour, the shuttle bus does not look like a normal Tuk tuk, but like this kind of taxi!

From the hotel, it is very convenient to get to the famous Terminal 21 nearby, just 16 minutes by car.

This hotel is really good, especially in the city center, there are not many quality hotels! Interested friends can book here , get a free hotel experience, and upgrade to Ayutthaya Suite for free! !

4 days and 3 nights complete trip plan

**Suggested itinerary!!

1st dayArrive~Divana Massage&SpaTerminal 21**Thai massageShopping and dinner
2nd dayMaeklong Railway MarketCentral World/Chatuchak Weekend Market**The Neon Night BazaarShopping!
Traditional market on the railway
3rd dayICONSIAMJade Buddha Temple, Grand Palace of Bangkok, Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn), Temple of the reclining Buddha**Cabaret**Cabbages and condoms restaurantBangkok Manxin Large Shopping Center Cruises + Visiting Attractions Thailand Special Performance: Shemale Show Condom Theme Restaurant
4th dayBig CDepart~Last Minute Shopping~

Daily itinerary map

1st day

2nd day (Central World)

2nd day (JJ market)

3rd day

4th day

Day 1: Divana Massage & Spa -> Terminal 21**

Divana Massage & Spa

Thailand is famous for its massages, it’s amazing, it’s cool. Divana is Bangkok’s famous spa brand. It is the legendary “five-star massage” in Bangkok. It was named one of the “Best Top Spas in Bangkok” by Lonely Planet. How could you not experience it! Divana has five branches in Bangkok, located near Asok BTS Station, and then a 7-minute walk from the store is the head office. Since it is really popular, remember to make an early appointment if you’re wanting to go.

Address: 7 Sukumvit 25, North Klongtoey, Wattana, Bangkok

Business hours: 10:00-21:00

Different branches of Divana have different characteristics

Looks like a jungle resort


Divana Divine Spa: Located near Tongluo Station, it has a Thai style.

Divana Virtue Spa: Located near Surasak Station, it is a popular street in Europe. It is very popular among girls and is the most embarrassing branch.

Divana Dii Spa: Located near PloenChit, it is a modern design with a high price.

Divana Nurture Spa: Located near Nana, the top branch in Divana

Details here: Divana official website

Terminal 21**

Just in the intersection of BTS “Asok Station” and MRT “Sukhumvit Station”, is the “Terminal 21 Shopping Center” which opened in 2011. It is a shopping mall. The whole mall is based on a terminal building. From LG to the 6th floor, each floor is characterized by different national cities. From Japan, the United Kingdom to San Francisco, the shopping malls seem to travel around the world. Even if you don’t want to go shopping, it is good to go to Terminal 21 and feel like you have travelled around the world~

TERMINAL 2 floor introduction
LG(Carribean)Gourmet Market can buy fast-food restaurants such as hand-picked gifts, Boots, AEON, Watsons and other drug stores, with gifts, Mister Donut, Santafe, Mos Burger
GF(Rome)International brands, local famous brands in Thailand, such as Levi’s, MANGO, American Eagle
MF(Paris)International brands such as make-up, shoes, apparel, and high-priced Thai designer brands such as Mac, THE BODY SHOP, H&M, CAMPER, Starbucks
1F(Tokyo)Women’s fashion apparel, Women’s underwear store, Children’s wear
2F(London)Male goods, fashion
3F(Istanbul)Young people’s trendy brands, Hong Kong also has this, but the business does not seem very good
4F、5F(San Francisco)Gourmet restaurant, food street, many Japanese, Thai local chain restaurants such as MK, MOMO PARADISE, FUJI, Dahu
6F(Hollywood)Cinema, telecommunications company, gym

If you want to know more about the store of Terminal 21, you can go to the official website to see

1st floor Japan
2nd Floor – London
The top floor has a bridge

Day 2 : Maeklong Railway Market -> Central World/Chatuchak Weekend Market** -> The Neon Night Bazaar

Maeklong Railway Market

The Maeklong Railway Market is a traditional market in a small Thai town. The biggest feature is that the little market stores are close to the railroad tracks. The railway is part of the market. When the train whistles, the market stalls are not busy rushing to clean up. Then the train passes slowly, and then the market stores continue to operate without any problems.

The Maeklong Railway Market is located at BTS Ekkamai Station, exit 2 to the Eastern Bus Station East Bus Station. There is a temporary booth in the hall that says 976. The ticket seller will say that you want to get to Maeklong. For the minivan minibus one way per person, the fare is 90 baht (every 30~40 minutes from 06:00 to 20:00), Maeklong is at the Transport Station, returning to the transport station to buy tickets, you can also get back to the Ekkamai station.

The train passes through the market every day at about 6:20, 8:30, 9:00, 11:10, 11:30, 14:30, 15:30, 17:40. If you have a stall, remember to arrive at the railway market in the first half hour, because the time is almost too late to squeeze into the market. If you want to be more careful, you can walk from the parallel road to the left of the market entrance. There are many paths that can be accessed in the market! However, trains are usually delayed, and they can only go to the market and other trains. The Maeklong market is open daily from 06:20 to 17:40.

When the train arrives at the station, the market stalls will begin to pack up. Usually, the train will start slowly in the first three or five minutes. Some market stalls wait for the train to come. When you hear the train whistle, you will see an empty place.

Have you ever felt the train passing by close to you? Find a narrow gap (but definitely pay attention to safety) to feel the train in motion at any time

The market is very simple and the price is lower compared to the floating market. It is really an ordinary vegetable market for local people, but there are shopping places to buy things. Here is the experience of railway culture.

Chatuchak Weekend Market**

Chatuchak is also known as JJ Market in the weekend market. It is the largest flea market in Thailand. The number of stalls and goods is the highest in Asia. The market is divided into 27 districts with more than 15,000 stores. The goods they sell are dazzling, it is all you want, and unexpected! Fashion, accessories, shoes, pajamas, bikinis, Thai indigenous products, home decorations, antique collectibles and even pets to all kinds of raw livestock!

Then why would I give an option to everyone to choose either the Chatuchak Weekend Market or Central World? Because people say that it is a weekend market, that is to say, except for Saturdays and Sundays, the market is not open at any other times ~

JJ Market is at the BTS Mo Chit station, then take exit 1 and walk about 5 to 10 minutes.

The BTS station has a clear indication that “Chatuchak Weekend Market” is at Exit 1.

Then follow the people down the stairs, then go straight

In addition to sitting on the BTS, another method is to sit in the Kamphaeng Phet station and then exit at Exit 2, so many people think it is more convenient to take the underground, because it is already in the JJ Market range.

If you arrive at the JJ Market by the Chatuchak Park station, it is closer to the main entrance, where you can take the JJ Market map.

Right here

JJ Market is indeed very big. In fact, there is really no need for the whole market. Anyways, the stores actually sell things and some other stores are constantly selling….


  • If you want to take a Tuk Tuk or a taxi when you leave, it will be easier to find a taxi in Section 7. The last time we went out in Section 2, it was easy to find a Tuk Tuk.
  • You will need to pay to use the toilet in JJ Market ( THB 2 ). If you prefer not to pay THB 2, there is a free toilet in MRT Kamphaeng Phet. (In fact, THB 2 is not necessary)
On the spot paintings
These are some of the things they sell
They sell handmade soap which you can get as souvenirs for your friends
Of course, since it is a big market, they would sell a lot of food
There are a lot of shops selling coconuts and Thai milk tea on the spot.

Central World

Central World Bangkok is one of the must-visit shopping malls in Bangkok. It is located near the BTS Chit Lom Station and is composed of three department stores, Central World plaza, Isetan Japenese Department Store and Zen Department Store. It is quite big. Central World is diagonally opposite the famous Erawan Shrine, at the back is the Red Sky Bar, nearby is Big C and Pratunam Market and you can also visit the night market around Watergate. If you have time, of course, go shopping, but not everyone can go shopping all day, so I personally think that going to Central World is enough. After all, the things that are sold are not too expensive. (Siam’s shopping malls sell super-famous brands, I went for a walk, I looked around and came out, and I didn’t buy anything.)

Central World is very close to BTS chit lom station, BTS to Chit Lom station, go straight to Exit 1 and enter the department store by footbridge (about 5~8 minutes walk).

Very big inside

In addition to the basic counters on the floor, there will also be a special area for the sale of plazas between the floors. There are more than 500 shops, 100 restaurants and cafes here, and everyone has a good time to walk around.

There are also shops selling dolls
Of course, there are also drugstores
The place is extremely big
Mango, durian candy, biscuit shop
There is the four-faced Buddha (Erawan Shrine) just outside, I personally think that there is nothing special about it, but I would also take a look at it.

Neon night market

Neon Night Market is located in the city center. It is about a 9 minute walk from BTS Chit Lom Station and is 13 minutes from ARL Ratchaprarop Airport Express. It is very convenient to go to Central World and come back again.

Here is a map

When you get to the entrance, be sure to take a photo with this sign

The night market is open from Monday to Wednesday from 16:30 to 24:00. Though I heard that it is open every day~

There are insects, but they also use a variety of seasonings to make stir fry, Thailand / Southeast Asian travellers must try! However, I feel that many foreigners won’t be able to eat it. In fact, the taste is not bad, but it looks more special.

There are also more “normal” things to eat which aren’t too expensive
There is also a place to drink at the back
Get a thai style haircut!
Of course, they will also sell clothes
From the top, you can see a row of different coloured stalls

Day 3: ICONSIAM ->Bangkok Grand Palace, Jade Buddha Temple, Temple of the Reclining Buddha ** ->Cabaret Show ** -> Cabbages and condoms restaurant


It was just opened in November 2018, with a total investment of 54 billion yuan. This ICONSIAM covers an area of ​​750,000 square meters. It is located on the bank of the Chao Phraya River and is the largest integrated shopping mall in Southeast Asia. ICONSIAM is open daily from 10:00 to 22:00.

So how can I get there?

Method one:

Take the BTS to Saphan Taksin and take Exit 2 and walk to Sathorn Pier (Central Terminal) and take the ICONSIAM free shuttle (ICONSIAM shares the same pier with Asiatique, so when you line up, head towards Asiatique).

Boat operating times: 09:00-23:00 (about 10 minutes)

Method Two:

Take the BTS to Krung Thonburi Station and take Exit 1. Go to the right hand side (towards Exit 4) and there will be a stop sign. From here, you can take ICONSIAM’s free shuttle bus.

Bus operating times: 06:00-24:00 (about 10-15 minutes)

There is also a garden outside the shopping centre
On the 1st floor, the Veranda dining area has 16 restaurants and a dessert shop. It is arranged like a magazine cover, which is very suitable for taking photos!
There are also a lot of large installation art in the mall which allows visitors to take pictures
There is also an indoor market – Sook Siam Park

The Sook Siam Park water collection is about 15,000 square meters, and the market makes you seem like you have returned to the early days of life in Thailand.

Thai desserts that will not exceed 50 baht
There are also famous brands
There is also a Rooftop bar on the 6th floor with a view of the entire Chao Phraya River (though it is not yet open)
Souvenir shopping
There are also durians
The luxury car brands also has a display center, including Maserati, Porsche, Rolls-Royce…etc
There is also a children’s world which is suitable for families to go and visit

Jade Buddha Temple, Grand Palace of Bangkok, Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn), Temple of the Reclining Buddha**

The Grand Palace, the Jade Buddha Temple and the Temple of the Reclining Buddha are also located next to the Chao Phraya River. A ticket that costs 500 baht can be used to visit the Grand Palace and the Jade Buddha Temple! Take the MRT Silom line to Saphan Taksin. When you get out of the station, you will see the place where you can take the boat. If you are not sure which boat to take, don’t be shy to ask! The color boat arrives at the N9 station (in the map, the dock is marked “N★”), and the boat can be reached after 7-10 minutes.

First go to the Jade Buddha Temple

Men and women can’t wear sleeveless tops, men and women can’t wear shorts! If you wear clothes that are unacceptable, then you can’t enter the temple, or you can buy clothes that are expensive at the store.

Jade Buddha Temple
If you see the gold in the distance, it means it is the Jade Buddha Temple

You should go to the Grand Palace after visiting the Jade Buddha Temple.

Individuals prefer the Jade Buddha Temple

Then I went to the Wat Arun Temple (Temple of Dawn)

I often see these Thai temples in other people’s postcards!
There are Thai style costumes at the entrance of the Wat Arun Temple. You can rent them.

Then take the boat that is opposite the Wat Pho Temple.

Wat Pho’s tickets are sold for 100 Baht
The Reclining Buddha
By giving 50, they will give you a bowl of ancient money, you can use that money to make a wish, if there are more left, the remaining would be a blessing!

Cabaret Show**

I believe that people who have been to Thailand know that when going to Thailand, you must watch the show. The Thai show is famous, it is beautiful, the stage effects are gorgeous, the wonderful performance is gorgeous and not vulgar, even the children can watch the dance. Comedy shows are just as attractive as the secrets of Broadway and Victoria!

Take the MRT to Sutthisan Station Exit 3 and turn left straight. Meet Ratchadaphisek Road 18, turn left and go about 300 meters.

The Kim Dongni show is rich in oriental features and is also a very old-fashioned show of people. The performances include the classic songs of Teresa Teng, the traditional Thai dance show, the “Nobody” modern cabaret show, and the Chinese court dance. The Kim Dongni show is mainly composed of song and dance performances. The songs and dances of various ethnic customs are quite distinctive and the lighting is luxurious. Many Chinese and Korean tourists will come to see this brilliant Jin Dongni show.

After the performance, the people will rush to take a photo with you, take a picture and get a reward of 200 baht! ! ! If you are taking photos with two people, you need to reward 200 baht per person! ! ! ! ! It is even more expensive than watching a show! So I am really interested in finding them to take pictures. (Tip: When you take a photo with one, others will come and take the picture together. If you take a photo, you will reward them every time~) In addition, if you are taking photos with the “Queen”, the reward will be more expensive. Now! But how much is it actually? It seems there is also an on-the-spot price.

If you’re Interested to book a trip click here ~

Cabbages and condoms restaurant

The condom restaurant was established by The Population and Community Development Association (PDA), which was established in 1974 and is a non-governmental organization. In the early days, the concept of birth control was promoted in the rural areas, but today’s focus is on promoting safe sex, AIDS prevention, and promoting human rights.

The condom restaurant is located near the ASOK station, take the 2nd exit towards NANA station for about 2 minutes and see the 7-11 (or King & Spa marquee) turn left into the alley (S15 Hotel on the other side of the road)

After entering the alley, pass the “King & I Spa” along the way, then walk 30 meters and you will see the gate to the condom restaurant.

Before going inside the restaurant, there will be a green corridor

The shape of the lighting in the hallway is like a condom, and the lighting itself is made up of condoms.

Santa Claus made out of condoms near the front of the door
And this angel
There are also signs of safe sex along the road
Everything is about sex education ~

It’s the best place to eat, it is a bit like a forest, and at night there’s a beautiful woman sitting on the stage next to the Pipa (Chinese lute).

There are also indoor seating

As for food, they serve mainly Thai food, the food tastes good, and the price is not too expensive (of course, it is more expensive than the restaurant outside, after all, it is a popular restaurant)

I really don’t know why there are so many condoms!

After a full meal, the checkout will reward you with a set of condoms. You can also pick up different sizes at the door. What size do you think you can take? *laughs*

I took the condom as a memory (in fact, I dare not use it), but it seems to be usable. I am waiting for everyone to report it after you use it~
Lubricating fluid can also be taken

Before leaving, you can stop by the store, there are many special souvenirs to buy, the price is not too cheap, but the sales are all donated to the PDA for public welfare use.

Would you dare to wear this out and about in the streets?

Day 4: Big C -> Depart Bangkok

Big C

People who come to Thailand will come to Big C to buy souvenirs, which contains a variety of popular items, snacks and accompanying gifts, which is also a good place to spend some time shopping. So why am I putting this supermarket on the last day of the trip when you can go to the airport to go shopping? You can put the purchases in the suitcase and go directly to the airport after buying. So that you do not have to take a big bag when returning to the hotel.

Big C is near the BTS Chit Lom station, which is where the Erawan Shrine and Central World are. A lot of taxis can be used on the big road in front of the Big C door! Remember to tell the price first. Big C is on the second floor and above. After entering the door, you can take the elevator to the Big C. The first floor has a washroom and a storage compartment. You can use it more.

The price is not particularly cheap, and the price you see at the outside store is not too far away (or up), but here is what you have once, so if you haven’t bought a letter before, you can’t think of it. What to buy, and finally come to Big C to go shopping, feel free to buy some food back. If you have already bought a handwritten letter before, I think it is to see what has not been seen before, or purely to kill time.

POCKY and biscuit sticks of various flavours at a special price! ! !
A lot of never seen before potato chip flavours ⋯⋯
Big Brother Bean is Xiaobian’s favourite Thai snack! There are many flavours! !
There are also fruit sugar, which is also a Thai specialty~

There are a lot of traditional Thai snacks that are delicious, Xiaobian bought the little crabs and shrimps that looked delicious. It has a thai taste to it, if you are into wintery taste, you may like these snacks very much but since it is not too expensive, you can also try it. After all, it is a traditional snack.

Thai soap brand, easy to use! It can also help to reduce acne!
There are also areas that sell fresh fruit. They can be eaten on the spot but can’t be taken on the plane.


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