Solo Travel: Be Adventurous!

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Solo travel is a one-of-a-kind experience, definitely someone we recommend experiences at least once in your lifetime. There is a certain thrill of adventure most travellers experience, that you don’t normally experience during a family holiday. To some it may seem lonely, whilst to others it may seem like a dream vacation– the ability to go anywhere, do anything without kids in tow! One of the huge advantages of traveling alone is that the only person you have to please… is you! You can choose your destination, you select the dates, budget, itinerary. You see where we’re going with this right? Complete freedom to do what you want, without having to compromise. You can hit the beach, go snorkeling, visit famous landmarks or even decide to simply take a nap!

Here are a few of the activities we recommend treating yourself to during your excursion:

Meet the Locals

Whilst talking to strangers can seem intimidating at first, you might be surprised at how effortless and rewarding it can be. Try walking up and simply saying “Hi, I’m from (location) and I’m visiting for a week. Do you have any recommendations?”.

Enjoy a leisurely sit-down meal at a local restaurant.

That’s right, treat yourself to an awesome meal without having to worry about the whole “where should we eat” conversation.

Be Vigilant

Remove the headphones and stay observant whilst traveling. It’s not only smart advice for your personal safety, but being extra alert will help you notice and appreciate your surroundings too. Bonus Tip: Be sure to store your valuable (Money, Passport etc) in a secure place. Skip the wallet in the back pocket where it is too easily accessible.

Be Selfish

This is YOU time, take advantage of it! Spend your time doing things that you want to do, rediscover interests and pastimes that rejuvenate you and/or explore new things that you never knew you wanted to do! Be sure to treat yourself by booking a relaxing spa experience or spend a night at a really fabulous five-star hotel.

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