10 Things To Do in The Maldives

The number one thing that draws people to the Maldives are the over the water bungalows and pristine beaches. But there are more things to do in the Maldives than relaxing on a hammock sipping cocktails by the beach all day. The Maldives is such a versatile destination as there’s something to do for everyone, regardless of whether you prefer an adventure-filled or relaxed holiday.

10 Things To Do in China’s Hawaii – Sanya

Sanya is a city in the south of Hainan. China’s top beach holiday destination is known as the ‘Hawaii of China’ because of the tropical climate. Similar to Hawaii, it sits at a latitude of 18 degrees North with an average daily temperature of 26 degrees Celsius and has vast golden beaches, rainforests and mountain trails. Sanya is a popular tropical escape for the Northern Chinese and Russians during the harsh winter months. For those who don’t want to go as far as Hawaii, Sanya is definitely an alternative.